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Cup Scrubber

Cup Scrubber

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Clean your cups in seconds

Effortlessly clean your cups in seconds with our Cup Scrubber. Designed with efficiency in mind, our scrubber will save you time and energy when doing the dishes. No more scrubbing for minutes on end, just a few seconds and your cups will be sparkling clean.

Suction cup to your sink: This innovative tool features a strong suction to securely attach to your sink, providing stable and convenient scrubbing.

Ease of use: Simply stick to a counter top or in your sink, apply dish soap and scrub away. Easy to use design allows for fast and effective cleaning.

No hassle: No more hard hand scrubbing to clean your cups. Our cup scrubber offers a convenient hassle free way of getting your dishes clean.

Durable bristles: The strong bristles provide thorough scrubbing power, ensuring a sparkling clean finish every time.



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